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Any anabolic steroids have various degree of androgenic activity

What does androgenic activity of steroids mean? To tell a simple language, it is ability of any hormonal drugs to cause side effects. If androgenic activity of a steroid is stronger, so gravity and frequency of the caused side effects will be much higher. In this regard make the choice of such drugs for a course which have smaller androgens and big anabolic activity.

This parameter is important as a great number of beginners (including experienced athletes) do a reference point, first of all, on efficiency and power of this or that steroid, at the same time forgetting what effects it is possible to receive. In this regard, beforebuying anabolic steroids it is necessary to think well.

Safe injection steroids

All beginners not really well perceive injection steroids though they are not worse at all, than tablets. The truth in reality happens that injection steroids give much bigger effect than tabletting and, as a rule, have the smaller frequency of side effects.

The more the quantity of steroids and their dosage, the more is observed collateral, kickback will be respectively better

Here and so everything is clear that the more we accept steroids, the bigger phenomenon of kickback. But using it is necessary to be careful, especially on ignorance!

All best – old

You should not trust constantly advertizing where represent us novelties and assure that they are safer. It is necessary to understand what side effects they to us bear, and it is the best of all to use the checked old. All best was already invented. Today the majority of steroids do not for increase in effect, and for concealment of traces of their use before laboratory.

Conclusion simple,is better to buy anabolic steroidsthose that at us on the website as we work with the checked time producers.

Apply in reasonable doses

To achieve optimum results apply anabolic steroids in average dosages, as health is the most important than the optimum duration of a course. You will always manage to give to the organism the good form. Such competent approach will help to lose the most part of fat, to gain 5-7 kg of muscle bulk and to gain the minimum side effects and kickbacks.

It is possible to buy anabolic steroidsfrom us and at the lowest prices today. We make the choice and if something not clear we are interested at our specialists, they will give a valuable advice.


Article from the head of

Anabolic steroids are insufficiently used products.
Anabolic steroids are made on SYD groups now.
Earlier Jurox, under the name Dynabol was made.
Let's look at Nandrolonum, we will discuss addition of Growth hormones in opposition to much more widely used  dean's office of ether (ether is used in with the Sound board).
First of all, Nandrolonum has no oestrogenic or androgenic side effects.
It because it has very low level of aromatization (conversion in estrogen through Growth hormones enzyme); also it is approximately equal to 20% of level of testosterone.
Nandrolonum very good anabolic steroid, in my assessment (though I do not use it more), and 100 mg / E2W (each 2 weeks) of introduction provide "significant increase in weight".
I never recommend low doses for the athlete, but this proof strong anabolic of properties.
All drugs of Nandrolonum very good anabolic steroids, therefore quality (though slow) for increase in muscles.
It can be connected with moderately strong linkng with receptors of androgens (stronger, than testosterone, actually).
Or, perhaps, it there are a lot of positive properties without androgens of receptors, the mediated effects of anabolic steroids.
One of such the not-receptor-mediated effect of deduction of nitrogen which is one of major factors of growth of muscles.
Even at low doses of Nandrolonum (65 mg/week), it makes considerable nitrogen deduction.

Nandrolonumis also known as means for collagen synthesis improvement, and increases the content of mineral substances of a bone.
For these purposes, researches show that use of Nandrolonum in very low doses are, as a rule, too insignificant to promote growth of muscles.
In other research we see that Nandrolonum (200mgs for a week 1, 400 in a week 2 and 600mgs within several weeks 3-12) actually does not cause negative side effects.
Besides, decrease in LPVP cholesterol (8-10 points) in both groups was noted.
Besides, in these researches with HIV + subjects, anabolic steroids, Nandrolonum improved immune function.

Klenbuterol, and steroids of this group, and also my personal experience, say that Nandrolonums are known as the producer of a high-quality additional weight,
but have to be used within 12 weeks at least.
It should not cause any problems as they very soft in respect of side effects,
and I do not think that they can cause many side effects for this span.
Nandrolonum tsipionat has very long active life, approximately for 8 days or about that, it is a little less, than much more powerful of Nandrolonum of a dekanoat (Sound board).
If we want, to use Anabolic DN 1-2 times a week, together with our other connections, then probably, it is better to use tsipionat for Testosterone increase.

Many federated members of bodybuilding of USA, also complain of water deduction - when using of the concentrated Nandrolonum, and again is inclined to agree.
Growth hormones is represented the preferable choice for fight against it, and it was my darling for such use, on cycles of 12-16 weeks.
It is a water delay, when using anabolic DN approaches as a filler instead of reduction more though it can be successfully used also for healthy nutrition and use of auxiliary connections.

As if I used anabolic DN personally?
Well, it is comfortable to me to recommend Anabolic DN for any filler or a cycle, and I think, its real function will be such that you will be able to use it together with Growth hormones and to enter them in one day because they support active life.

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